Commercial VO Demo

Animation VO Demo

Hello from my booth!



Allison has a professional, broadcast-quality, Studiobricks One VO Edition booth/home studio with Source Connect capabilites.


Equipment includes:

Stellar X2 mic, Focusrite Scarlett Gen 3 interface, Yamaha AG03 interface to provide loopback for clients during remotely directed live sessions, Beyerdynamic headphones, and Audacity DAW 


VO Training:

VO Intensive - Real Voice LA - Mike DeLay/Katie Zeiner

VO Commercial Bootcamp - Real Voice LA - Katie Zeiner

Animation Character Workouts - Real Voice LA - Arianna Ratner 

Audacity Course - VO Heaven - Larry Hudson

Source Connect Webinar - Real Voice LA - Mike DeLay

Inside my home Studiobricks VO Edition Booth

Home Studio